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Illinois Prairie Path Survey

And the survey says…

Of nearly 700 trail users over the age of 18 surveyed during the summer of 2013, they told us:

  1. They’re healthy – more than 95% consider their health good or excellent
  2. They’re smart – more than 70% have a bachelor’s degree; half of those have a graduate degree
  3. They’re successful – 66% had annual incomes between $51,000 and $200,000
  4. They’re on the path a lot – 70% use the path between 1 and 3 hours per visit
  5. Many users stated the trail played a key role in their decision where to purchase their house
  6. They patronize local businesses – restaurants, grocery and convenience stores.
  7. Things they liked about the path: Safety and security; trail maintenance, route markings
  8. Things they would like to see improved: Bathrooms, drinking fountains, signs to nearby amenities
  9. There are a lot of trail users. Electronic counters were used at 5 locations. Annual usage ranged from 33,000 on the Batavia spur to more than 190,000 in the Wheaton area.

Download the full survey to read the complete study.